Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What do you have there?

Mommy's make up bag? OH, wow. Are you painting yourself? Well.. I'm glad to know that your having fun, even though you look like you've been in a rough and tumble fight.

I found these pictures of Ayden from around the time he was 18 months(ish). And they were just too cute to pass up. Yes, he had gotten into my makeup bag. Dug his tiny little fingers into a tube of lipstick and smeared it all over himself and everything that was near him. In another picture I took you can see hand prints on the white wall. If memory serves me right, he got into this bag, in this same location more than once. In fact, I'm thinking at least twice. I don't remember why I left the bag accessible, but for some reason I did.

I'm telling you, we had our hands full with this one, still do as a matter of fact.
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