Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Such a Big Boy!

In the month of June (at 4 months of age) Logan has done so much growing! He has started rolling over (which is hard to capture in a photo). He has also started grabbing everything he can get his hands on including his toes.He started solid foods this month as well
He also got his first bath in this duck tub. It's bigger than the infant tub and he can sit up in it. Logan loves bath time.
Such a big boy already, seems like yesterday I was holding him for the first time. I can't wait to see what he does next!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Very Special Cake

Intermittently I will be posting pictures of the cakes that I have been making. Cake decorating has really become a passion of mine and I intend to pursue a possible career in it.

This is a cake I made for a 60th wedding anniversary. These people are very near and dear to my heart and I wanted to make it extra special for them. The topper was white chocolate as were the "P" in front and "60" on the sides. The icing was snow white buttercream on white cake. The roses were also buttercream icing. The scroll decorations on the side of the cake were glitter clear gel (which in hindsight I should have used white icing instead). The bottom layer was a 8 inch and the top was a 6 inch, both were torted and filled with my version of a Bavarian cream filling. My goal will always be for my cakes to not only look good, but taste great as well!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Progress made

Today Logan and I met Debbie and Ayden to get pictures made for Father's Day. After spending approximately four hours at the mall we finally made it out with beautiful pictures of the boys and me. After that I met mom and had a yummy lunch and finished two projects in one day. One of those was Logan's memory board. The other was the window valence. I need to decide what to do in Ayden's room to start working on that. He's growing up so fast and he deserves a "big boy" theme. There is so much to catch up on... I wonder if I'll ever get caught up. Here are those pictures I was talking about.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Carrots and Peas

I noticed that my four month old has been eying my food so I decided it was time to start solid foods. He is a pro at eating, he took to it instantly. I decided this time around I was going to attempt making my own baby food. It's been super easy with the magic bullet. I buy frozen vegetables and steam them in the blender cup, then move it right to the bullet to let it do its "magic". We started with carrots and have moved on to peas (hence the title of this post). He loved them both! Next we'll try some sweet potatoes. Here's my little love chomping down on some yummy peas.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Had a great time in Dallas this past weekend. This is Logan's second time to go Dallas, Ayden has been there many times before. There was a first on this trip however, we rode the Dart to the Dallas Zoo.

This was taken right before Granddaddy, Michael and Ayden headed to the races. Meme, Logan and I went shopping to pass the time.

This was Logan's second time to the zoo. I think he enjoyed it!
The boys cooling off in the misting fan.
Ayden is such a cutie (when he wants to be)
This turtle in the picture behind Ayden was so funny. Poor thing looked like it was crawling along then got tired and just stopped mid crawl. It was hot that day.
I don't know what this guys problem was, lol
So sweet. Ayden was great at comforting Logan while he was awake in his car seat. He is an awesome big brother.