Sunday, June 7, 2009


Had a great time in Dallas this past weekend. This is Logan's second time to go Dallas, Ayden has been there many times before. There was a first on this trip however, we rode the Dart to the Dallas Zoo.

This was taken right before Granddaddy, Michael and Ayden headed to the races. Meme, Logan and I went shopping to pass the time.

This was Logan's second time to the zoo. I think he enjoyed it!
The boys cooling off in the misting fan.
Ayden is such a cutie (when he wants to be)
This turtle in the picture behind Ayden was so funny. Poor thing looked like it was crawling along then got tired and just stopped mid crawl. It was hot that day.
I don't know what this guys problem was, lol
So sweet. Ayden was great at comforting Logan while he was awake in his car seat. He is an awesome big brother.

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