Thursday, January 13, 2011

USB what?

I've decided that I would have a normal blog, you know, one full of pictures and my descriptions of our simple adventures from day to day. But I am convinced that this is slightly impossible for me. For one it takes forever to download pictures. The loading time is normal I'm sure, but it takes forever to locate the little device that can magically transport images from one place to another. That and there is no easy route to take to place the pictures in their rightful spot. (Normal people don't run off servers and hardware from floor to ceiling). That being said, I would have loved to share pictures from the wedding I went to in Tyler on New years day or the day we spent at the park with the kids. And the ones in between of everyday occurrences and a few new ones by the babe who is changing at a rapid place. (Can't believe he will be two in less than a month!) Well... I'm sure I will get to share them with you eventually. Such is the live of the wife of the computer guy. I think I will wait until he gets home and hand over the camera. Haha, we will see if there are pictures on here tomorrow or not!

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