Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Over the Lake and through the Woods

To Granmommy's house we go. The kids and I took a trip to mom's house last Friday. We enjoyed spending the day with everyone. Poppy put the training wheels on Ayden's bike and James looked after Logan while mom and I dug through pictures.

Mom and I ended up pulling some old pictures out of storage boxes they have been kept in for years. There are hundreds of pictures to go through and so we decided that we should scrapbook them. It would be so much easier to flip the pages of a book instead of pulling the pictures from their individual packets. I've been scanning some of these into the computer and so I can post some later on. It is a long process.

Oh, I found my old "scrapbook" from when Michael and I were dating. I use the term "scrapbook" lightly because I didn't even know what a scrapbook was back then. I saved simple mementos of special little things we did, movie ticket stubs, rose petals from the dozens of roses he used to buy me (I can't help but find the humor in that), pieces of wrapping paper from Christmas and birthday gifts, the napkin rings that we took from each of the homecomings and proms he accompanied me to, and of course all the sweet little notes he wrote to me. I'm so glad that I can look back at these things and remember how it all started. It will be five years in November. It seems like we have been together forever. Thanks for being there, My Love.

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