Wednesday, October 14, 2009


a- Da, a-Da, a-DU, a-Duuur, Ga, Ga, Ga! What's that Logan? You say you love mommy? At least, that's my interpretation of all the happy shrieks. This little mister just keeps on growing up right in front of my eyes. This morning he was turning his head sideways to see things from a different perspective. I think after a while he did it just to amuse me.

Logan is just a few more days away from crawling. How can I tell? Because right now he is moving everywhere using his army guy crawl. He will get up on his knees for a few seconds and rock back and forth but he can't quite get the movements down. He is very mobile though. Here he is getting into something he's not supposed to, which is an everyday occurrence from here on out. Looks slightly mischievous huh?

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