Friday, October 30, 2009

A Star Wars Duo

As many of you may know, Star Wars is Ayden's new passion. All day long he hums Darth Vader's theme music. He decided he was going to be the good guy for Halloween. He chose Luke Skywalker and well, Logan had no other choice but to be Yoda. It fit him perfectly. The little guy that can't move very fast, how perfect is that? Ayden's costume was easy to find. It seems this year was the year for Star Wars costumes. Logan's on the other hand was a tad more difficult. I told myself months in advance that I was going to order their costumes online. It would have been perfect. But as usual I wanted to make things difficult on myself, procrastinate, and find out last minute that most stores don't carry the baby Yoda costume, especially so close to Halloween. I was going to get all crafty, pull out my sewing kit, pull up my sleeves and make him a darn Yoda costume. Then, my darling, too smart for his own good hubby suggested we make some alterations to Ayden's Yoda stuffed doll. hmmm.... smarty pants! So I did some major surgery and something much needed came from the sacrificial doll. The timing was perfect really. The small green robe was a prefect fit and the hat/head was almost a tad too small but it worked well enough. To end my rambling, I give you the stars you've been waiting for!

When it was "Yoda" up for pictures, I started to think maybe he was not quite like Yoda after all. This little guy within a month has become extremely mobile. The photographer had to be quick before little Yoda crawled off the set.

Luke Skywalker on the other hand was true to self. I managed to hid the light saber from him until we arrived a the picture studio in order to avoid disaster in the car. He must have channeled Luke when he struck a pose because not long after he went into Jedi mode, swinging that light saber at everything that looked like it might pose a threat.

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