Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Smumpkin

Two pumpkins down, two more to go. The one on top is our version of a mummy (or the pumpkin that used to much toilet paper?) The one on bottom is my MOPS contribution to breast cancer awareness month.

Both kids were so cooperative. I think they really enjoyed getting their "hands" dirty.
Look who I found hiding under the craft table. This kid is freaking hilarious! He kept venturing under the table and he must have known he was not supposed to be doing that. Every time I said his name he would quickly crawl back and peek out and then giggle and grin at me.

I can't fully reveal why Ayden's hand is painted. Let me just say we got a "hand" start on another project. Look for it in the coming posts and see if you can tell what they are.

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