Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First ER Trip

Unfortunately, with some changes brings a bit of experience in the form of pain. My dear little Logan was so brave in his adventure of the living room that day. He traveled so far (from one end of the room to the other) to make it to the chair. I'm sure he thought "hey, that looks like a study object I can pull up on." It's funny how some things happen right in front of your eyes and yet you just can't stop a chain reaction. I looked at that sweet little hand holding on to the chair rail. I thought "hmm... that could be dangerous my little love." I got up, walked around the table and at that moment time sped up. The chair was not a study unmoving object and it could not hold up to the small about of weight pulling back on it. It tipped causing my little love to fall straight back on the unforgiving tile floor. Needless to say, as the chair tipped it also fell. Straight onto the forehead of the already injured boy. Seconds that seemed like minutes went by before I got to him. He cried tears of pain, but he was so brave. Mommy on the other hand was a wreck. When Ayden was younger he had lots of spills, but none so bad as this one. The knot that rose immediately on the back of his head was the size of a baseball. I knew that I had to take him to the ER. A good friend of mine was home and so Ayden was able to go play with her daughter. I had to be focused. We arrived at the emergency room and there was no wait thank the Lord. I was hoping and praying that there was no hidden damage by the fall. He had no symptoms of anything major, but you just never know with a baby that cannot tell you what hurts. My heart sank when I found out we had to have a CT scan. That made the possibility of a head injury all the more real. I'm so thankful to say that everything came out clear. He was a very lucky little boy! I pray this will be his first and last ER visit. (Sorry there are no pictures for this event, my camera was the last thing on my mind at the time)

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