Monday, December 5, 2011

20 days til Christmas! What?!

I secretly love the fact that the kids get to open up a gift every, well, almost every day.

Even though I've wrapped their old Christmas toys, (which by the way Ayden is VERY aware of by now) they both still really enjoy it!

I did  discover that Logan doesn't care what time or day it is he will go open a present when the desire hits him. Good to know. Guess the real gifts won't make their way under the tree until Christmas Eve.

Yesterday we were able to celebrate our 2nd Thanksgiving day since my parents were out of town during the first one. We had a great time. We also did a little craft project as pictured above. I can't disclose on it just yet because I have much more in store for this project.

And of course our favorite elf made his appearance. Lucky for him the candle did not get lit that day.
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