Friday, December 2, 2011

New tradtions, Tips, and Freebies

I promise I have not forgotten to blog. Trust me, it's been on my mind. We had a rough start to December but it's the weekend now and I know that things are looking up. I've made our Christmas bucket list and we are crossing things off.

Day 1 the kids got to each open a present. They got their first little snow globes! Ayden's only lasted about 10 minutes before he dropped it and broke the glass. It will be hard to find a replacement but I have an idea just in case I can't. This night they kids were supposed to decorate their bedroom trees. But due to bad behavior and a call from the principal, this activity was postponed and replaced with homework.

Day 2 was a bit better. We did put the final touches on the tree. The plan was a movie night with a favorite holiday movie. Said movie had to be replaced half way through because it was scratched so bad it kept skipping. Luckily, thankfully we found an equally good Christmas movie on Netflix. While we snuggled with our blankets watching the movie, daddy put the lights up on the house. I think we are 95% decorated.

Tonight's mommy work includes pulling Bumblebee out of hiding and writing letters to the kids from Santa with this awesome FREE Santa Claus letterhead Free letter from Santa paper.

Tomorrow I promise to take pictures when the kids get to open their 2nd presents of the countdown gifts and their reaction to Bumblebee with the letters from Santa.

*The idea about a gift a day came from the advent calendar. I'm too frugal to go buy 50 new things (25 days x 2 kids). While I was pulling out Christmas decorations I found our Christmas themed books and play toys. I immediately thought about wrapping these up. After all, it's been a year since the kids have seen them. I'm hoping this goes over well. I figure if I throw in a few new things like the snow globes listed above, and I thought the kids would love a box of candy canes,  I knew I was good to go! Wrapping paper makes everything more fun!

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