Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a few things

The kids finally got to open another present. These were those books I was telling you about from last year. Logan was ecstatic. Ayden said "I think I already have this book" haha. It was a nice addition to our bedtime story routine.

Bumblebee finally made his appearance! It took all day for Ayden to find him. But when he did he was so overjoyed to see him. Bumblebee didn't bring any letters with him today. I think Santa must have been having problems with his letter head and he was too tired to fight it and decided that he need to go to sleep instead. Moving on...
And here is our tree. It's hard to get an up close picture and also include the star. I've had this crazy idea for years now to make a Dr Suess-like tree. I love it! It took a drawing to convince Michael and after he saw what I had in mind he liked it too. (it's also a way to add even more ornaments!)

Well, that's all for tonight. Tomorrow we get to have our 2nd, or is it 3rd Thanksgiving? I'm not sure, either way I'm excited about green bean casserole.
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