Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Christmas Traditions

This year feels like a good time to start new traditions. The boys are old enough to both enjoy new games/crafts/and fun events. I always have good intentions to do lots of special things each year around this time. Don't we always have good intentions? What normally happens is I save no time for just our family. Time speeds by and before you know it it's time to take down the decorations and December 25th is 365 days away again.

This year our church is emphasizing a "simple Christmas". It has been my hearts desire for several years now to incorporate simplicity into our lives, especially around Christmas time. We rush around buying gifts, filling up the calendar with parties and events, rushing... rushing... rushing.... This year will be different, however. I will slow down, because as everyone knows mom sets the tone of the household. (Have you noticed that?)

This year we are starting a Christmas bucket list. A list of things to do in anticipation of Christmas day. There are so many things I have great intentions to do but never make the proper time for them. A new tradition this year will be doing a special thing each day from that bucket list. I will try and post at least one picture from each day to share things from our bucket. I think this will be loads of fun especially since I already have everything ready to go starting December 1st (which is tomorrow!) 25 things to do. Who's ready for some holiday cheer!

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