Thursday, November 10, 2011

"I'm thankful for.." Day 10

I am thankful. But today it was very difficult to find anything to be thankful for. Let's just say this is one of those top 5 famously bad days. I am thankful for tomorrow and being able to look forward to new starts every day. Not only is it possible that tomorrow will make for a better day, making it to tomorrow means that I survived today.

I am thankful for:
running late
missing homework assignments
waiting in uncomfortable office chairs
forgetting family pictures
last minute homework assistance
a sink full of dishes
laundry that needs to be done
mortgage payments
surprise Thanksgiving concerts
bad grades
pick eaters
new diets
mid day caffeine headaches
potty accidents
unpainted toes
gas prices
little high pitched voices
loads of homework
temper tantrums

As funny as it sounds I really am thankful for all that. I can think of at least one good thing that came from all that. Want to know what I'm doing right now? Sipping a cup of lukewarm mid day coffee, listening to my son reading Dr. Seuss by himself, watching my baby play, smelling the dinner that is almost done, waiting for prince charming to get home, and just letting the day slide off my shoulders. I am thankful that I started this being thankful thing several days ago, without expressing it everyday I have a feeling a would not have viewed this day the same way.

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