Saturday, November 5, 2011

"I'm thankful for.." Day 5

I am thankful for clothes. Not just to have them and wear them, but I am thankful for the abundance of options that I have everyday. I will be real honest and say that I have a rack full of clothes from tank tops to winter coats and everything in between. (Because you never know what Houston weather will throw at you.) And the sad thing is I find that I only wear a couple of things from that rack. I have my favorites and the rest just sit there until the rare mood hits me. And so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am making a purposeful act of donating items that I have in abundance of: shoes, clothes, jackets etc...
I am one of those people that keep most everything, otherwise known as a hoarder. (Not serious enough for medication, but serious enough to make me feel the need to change) The desire to hold onto unnecessary things has definitely been passed down through my family. Here is hoping to break that cycle.

And this is where I refuse to post of picture of the Mt Everest of clothing... (and the closet is still so full)

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