Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Flower Garden

While we were outside today, I overhead Ayden say "Oh! poor little flowers... What poor little flowers". He was talking about my flower garden that is in terrible condition at the moment. Since Logan has arrived I haven't found the time to weed or even water it much. We got a good amount of rain the other day and so I figure the only other thing that needed to be done was for me to weed it. I waited until around 6pm to start and the weather was perfect. Ayden wanted to help so we put on our gloves and went to work. He asked me why we were pulling up the weeds, I told him we wanted to flower garden and not a weed garden. We had to make room for new flowers to grow. He was such a big helper. He told me what a lucky mommy I was. Boy was he right! He found a large rock and decided to name it "Rock" because it was a rock, smart kid. Logan watched us from the stroller, there was so much for him to see. When he got tired Ayden helped pacify him by singing and telling him jokes. Ayden was so good in fact that I told him he deserved a strawberry sunday. There is still much to do, as soon as we finish I will post a picture of all the new flowers.

1 comment:

  1. How sweet! I wanna meet Rock...sounds like a cool, um, rock! That's too funny!