Friday, July 10, 2009

White Sand, Blue Water, and a Red Lobster

Although it sounds like it, no we didn't go to the Caribbean, but this was still a very nice place to be today. Moody Garden's Palm beach is a beautiful place to visit.
It's well worth the ten dollars to get in. I also thoroughly enjoyed the fresh water of the mock ocean as opposed to the salty mess that you are left with after the real thing.
Logan sure did have a good time. This is his fifth or sixth time in the water. This time around he splashed and made lots of happy shrieks.
Check out my pirate man! Arrrr!Logan kept his cool by staying in the shade with the hood up and a portable fan.
Ayden made a sand castle, or at least started making a sand castle, then he got distracted and started shoveling sand behind him.If you look real close you will notice that this is the same outfit Logan wore to the zoo. Not because he was out of clothes but I thought the cute little crab was fitting for his first "beach" expedition.
They have a great splash pad were kids can play and parents can sit and watch without fear of any danger. Ayden had a blast in this area. There were buckets that would fill with water and then dump and if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right place if you were a kid) then you would get soaked.And as for the red lobster I mentioned, yes, that would be me. I don't know if I'll ever learn to reapply sun screen. I mean, how many times can a person get burned in one summer right?

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  1. the pics. Sounds like you guys had fun! The boys are so cute! We need to get together soon.