Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Horse of a Different Color

Today Logan decided he was going to condense his many short naps into two long naps. You would think that longer was better in terms of sleeping. However this also means more awake time to entertain a very short attention span. Mommy had to think of lots of ways. I've forgotten what it's like having a young baby. Ayden has been independent for so long that i'm relearning how to do everything with Logan. Of all the toys in the house, nothing quite satifies him like his swing. But the swing might have some competition in the months to come. We've decided to brake out the pony. (Meme would be so proud!) This little guy (the pony) was a baby shower gift and Logan is just now old enough to use him. Still a little on the small side, but Logan is a natural! Ok, you waited and long enough. Here's a couple a pictures of the cowboy and his horse.


  1. Now all he needs is a cowboy hat and boots!

  2. I hope he likes his as much as Eli did! I can recall many a naps in 'ol horsey!

  3. He is SO handsome! I NEED to see you...Tuesday right? Those two boys are so adorable, I was showing a friend their pictures today actually! :o)