Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harrisonburg Part I

Louisiana is probably one of our most common vacation spots. This summer we decided to spend about a week at my grandparents old home place in Harrisonburg Louisiana. Population 746. A perfect get away into the country, where everyone takes time to talk to their neighbors and the nearest Walmart is 20 miles away. There were so many pictures to show and so little space that I broke it up into two posts, one for family photos and the other for nature pictures that have been slightly edited for your viewing pleasure.

Both kids were so good during the 5 1/2 hour drive. Logan preferred that I sit in the back and entertain. This was our first major road trip in the Jimmy. He's a wonderful addition to our family, lots of cozy space.

We arrived at the old Boothe place after midnight. We settled into our camper and quickly fell asleep. Next day we set up Ayden's toy tent. His very own personal space to keep all of his toys in check. Uncle James and mommy helped him set it up.
Yes, this is a bat below. He visited the utility room in the old house. Thankfully he was alone.

Love these picture moments!
A family picture was a must have
Daddy duty
My drooling little love eating bananas for the first time,
I knew he was a monkey for sure
He loved them!
Molly came along with us,
she took advantage of the swimming pool we set up.
We didn't really want to join her
Playing Macgyver, all he needs is the mullet
Another picture moment
Daddy and his boys on daddy's tractor.

This is Ayden's distant cousin Emily
They had so much fun together
Not only did Molly use the swimming pool
she also took a dip in the creek on the property

Daddy and Logan
We had to sleep eventually!
In case you were wanting to read just a little more. I am ending with a bit of information on this bit of my heritage. A few Miles from the Boothe home place is Fort Beauregard. It was a Confederate stronghold during the Civil War. It successfully defended Harrisonburg from the attack of four Union gunboats on the Ouachita River. Harrisonburg was once a trade capital because of its location on the Ouachita River, with easy access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans. The Harrisonburg Road or the Natchez Trace ran through the area as it crossed Louisiana into Texas to connect with the El Camino Real. Harrisonburg was considered for the new site of the Louisiana state when the legislature decided to leave New Orleans.

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