Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Weekend

It was such a busy holiday weekend. We woke up early to help my mom move some of her furniture. Well... technically the guys moved the furniture. Mom and I watched the kids and packed up some of the small things.
The night before I stayed up making cakes for my dad. Since he's been working out of town he has missed a few holidays with us. I decided since he w
as not able to be involved at those times that we would make it up to him and celebrate everything all at once. And with my love of cake decorating I whipped up three beauties. Chocolate on chocolate for his birthday, chocolate on vanilla for Father's day, and vanilla on vanilla for their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Here is a close up of the basket weave pattern on the first cake. It took forever, but I love the effect!

Anyway, from there we headed to Baytown to enjoy some swimming at Meme's house. The kids had so much fun in the pool. But before we got into the pool Meme had a surprise for us all. Just a little something she picked up for the grandkids. Her name is Sweetie and she is an Appaloosa. She's a beautiful horse and she seems so loving. She's found a great home at Meme's barn. While we were looking at Sweetie, Ayden gave us a big scare and got in the pool by himself without his floats. He was convinced that he could swim all by himself. After the water covered his head he was able to walk back to the steps and get out. There were definitely angels watching over him that day because we didn't notice he was missing until several minutes later. By the time I ran to the pool he was si
tting on the side as if nothing had happened. He told me "Mommy, you were right, I can't swim without my floaties". After I got my nerves back under control we had a great time swimming, Ayden with his floats on.

Did I mention even Logan got to ride?

After swimming we had to hurry and leave to make it to serve at church in time. We packed up some yummy food thanks to Meme and had a picnic on the way to church. Later that night Michael and Ayden watched some fireworks while Logan and I caught up on some much needed rest. Such and eventful day.

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