Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Day Trip

Michael had some work to do in San Antonio and I thought it would be neat to tag along and explore the area. Only a short 10 minutes away from his work was the SA zoo. With our Houston zoo pass we got in for half price. We dropped Michael off and headed off to our adventure (thanks GPS!).
Logan had to ride in the front pack the whole time because the stroller was left behind to make room for computer equipment. I do not think he minded one bit though. He always enjoys being held. Ayden did not mind walking, we were able to take our time and see most of the animals. One of the first things we came upon was the grizzly bear. She was finishing up her breakfast by the time we arrived. My favorite part was in the next exhibit. It was air conditioned, but that wasn't the only reason it was my favorite.
The pictures don't do the hippo enough justice, he was massive!
The heat finally caught up with us and so we had our picnic in the car. When we regained our energy we set off for the park. We went to several only to come back to the zoo area where we found the best park yet. Ayden was sweet enough to pose with his brother.Logan was a pleasure to be with all day. His smile is never-ending.
You have to be quick with this one, he only takes a second out of playtime to pose for a picture.Poor babies were both so tired after this day trip. But it was worth it.

And now for Ayden's interpretation of what we did:
We saw a lot of animals and we want to tell you about it. We want you to know we saw one zebra, one elephant. We saw the elephant do a trick. Elephant check. zebra check, bears check, more bears check. Hmmm... What else? Oh! We saw a hippo, rhino, and tigers.
When I asked what his favorite part about it all was, he replied, "The lions, not the ones at this zoo, the ones at the other zoo" (That might be because we did not see the lions here)

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