Monday, August 10, 2009

Cake Wreck

Ok, so last weekend I made a cake for a friend of mine who's twins were turning one. Normally I would not post a wrecked cake but I figure why not? I mean, what is a blog for if not to tell the world about accomplishments AND mishaps. I have to say that my friend picked out an excellent cake. Beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and I may even make it again one day just to see what it looks like finished. Plus I enjoyed the time I spent with Terrie and her babies. So here it goes, laugh all you want. You can even cry a little if you like, I know I did.

Here is the Candy Castle cake I worked on for about 3 days. It's not the finished product but it's close. I ended up redoing the icing that was over the doors and windows. It looked better after that. There were also skittles around the bottom of the cake.
These were pillars made with rice crispies and rolled fondant. They were to stand up around the cake.
These were ice cream cones filled with cake and topped with icing to mimic the large cupcake on top of the cake. These cones were to stand on top of the pillars to give it a true castle look. The small cupcakes in back were smash cakes for the twins.
Alright... Time to prepare yourself. I guess I will show you the picture first and then explain...
I may have promise as a cake decorator, but I am the world's worst cake transporter. My gut told me not to stack the cupcake yet. It said "Dani, this will not end well" and it didn't. The cake was alright for about 20 minutes, then suddenly... you slam on the brakes and this is what you get. Cake everywhere! Poor thing was doomed.
All wasn't lost though. I was able to stop at a bakery and pick up some things to make shift a cake. I felt terrible, but it is a lesson learned. From what I hear it tasted great though!

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