Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Weekend

Here is a quick overview of our weekend. I took very few pictures. A couple of times I thought about it, but then decided I was going to enjoy and just remember with words instead.

Friday I had a date with a very charming little man. Ayden and I went to see G-Force for the first time together. I think at first I was more excited than he was. Then, his excitement steadily grew to match mine. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. I shared my popcorn and he shared his sour punch straws. After the G movie... (pun intended) I took him back to school shopping because he starts preschool this coming Tuesday. He picked out a new back pack and lunch box star wars style. We also found a furry stuffed Yoda. "Feeling stuffed, I do"

Saturday we had a too cute birthday party to be at. Mini mouse was the theme and I have to say, Tiffany is SO creative. After leaving the party we went to Old Town Spring trade days. Michael, the boys and I walked around for a few hours and did a bit of shopping. We headed home to rest a while and try out our new salsa from Amish barn. Pretty much every Saturday night we serve in Small World at church. Michael works behind the scenes in the Small World auditorium. And I have found a new position working at the front of the infants desk. I love helping the parents check in their babies. It's called the reflections desk because we reflect Christ to all the people. A church this big can be intimidating to new people. A smiling face can help them find where they need to go. On the way home from church tonight Logan started saying "da da". I honestly know that he didn't mean daddy, but I could tell it was a meaningful moment for Michael.

Sunday (today) we were up and going again. First church and then a few more errands afterwords. After a great lunch provided by Michael and then a nap, I'm calling it a day. \

We've also been watching loads of Man vs Wild, and Survivor Man episodes over the weekend. So we are learning lots of new tricks.

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