Saturday, August 22, 2009

Treasure Hunt

I love shopping resale. The is always something to find that costs near the price of nothing. It's more of an adventure than a department store. Not that I have anything against department stores, I just have something against department store prices. Building on my "green" ideas (the first was to get rid of the garbage can in the kitchen and reuse shopping bags as trash bags) I had been wondering in what way I could use things twice. Hey! Resale! So I took some of the kids outgrown clothes and got store credit. I found some really adorable shirts for the boys. And I'm so very proud of the adorable rocking giraffe that I found for Logan's room. I cannot wait to upload the pictures of it. My super smart, genius of a husband is trying to turn me into a Linux user. I have not figured out all the features yet. That includes learning how to upload pictures from the server to my laptop to the web. So be patient, they will be on here soon. (or else I'm switching back to windows!)

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