Monday, August 31, 2009

Something to Get Excited About

Last spring Michael fenced off an area for my garden in the backyard. Gardening runs in my blood. I grew up helping my mom in the garden and also watching my grandma care for her flowers. I guess you could say they passed down their love of nature to me and it is a gift that I now accept with open arms. It all began with a compost bucket. A few weeks later I started seeds inside until it was time to put them in the ground. I probably had too many varieties for such a small area, but everything grew well together. I really need to read up on techniques and use less trial and error method, but whatever works. There is no better feeling than growing something from seed and seeing the product of your labor.This past winter I had to let my garden grow up. The weeds took over and I would be ashamed to post a picture of what it has become. I had something else going on that took up most of my time and energy. After 9 months of carefully "growing" a special little boy and about 6 months of being in constant demand, I finally have the energy and the will to do other things. I bear no hard feelings at the loss of time though. Babies are one of my most favorite things to grow. *Smile*(I think we did fairly well, how about you?)

I deeply look forward to having a Fall garden this year. I plan on starting the seeds very soon as I am almost behind already. Probably the thing I look forward to having the most is lettuce. Fall and winter is a perfect time to grow this because the cold air makes for sweet instead of bitter leaves. Check back often for progress made towards this goal of renovation in my garden. The weather is getting a bit cooler and I can feel that fall is coming. It's one of my favorite times of year and I can't wait to prepare for it.

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  1. I don't know about getting in the dirt and growing stuff, but it sure is fun to grow babies!