Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few Things Missed

Missed, as in I didn't take the time to download pictures for a week. So now I have lots to talk about. Let's get this party started shall we?

This is an advent wreath that I made from recycling some party favor tins. They work great for holding small treats and prizes for each day opened. The only thing I regret is not having enough space to do all 25 days. Oh well! What's 5 less days to count? We are a bit partial to even numbers aren't we? Uh huh, a bit.
Oh and guess who finally made an appearance during the week? Our dear little elf Bumblebee (name courtesy of Mr. Ayden himself). Remember a few posts ago I was having a hard time deciding whether to involve Santa in our celebration of Christ's birthday this year? Well, as you can see I decided that you are only young once. Bumblebee is such a cute addition to our holiday tradition. This year he must have been lost in the closet caught in a snow storm because it took him so long to get here. Keep an eye out for the different places Bumblebee visits everyday. (He moves everyday in case you are not familiar with "Elf on the Shelf")
Oh, and we made a few ornaments too! We made this fun craft at MOPS this year and I decided that I must make more. It's addicting really. All the different possibilities. They are so beautiful once done it's hard to stop making them. My tree was already overflowing so I had to make myself stop.
In the middle of the week we made a trip to Safari Stop. This is the coolest place ever. I would have to say that this is Logan's first time where he could really get down and play. I think he enjoyed a bit of freedom to roam around (with mommy close by of course).

I didn't get any good pictures of Ayden because he and his friend decided to play "let's run from the camera!" The kids always have the best time there.
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