Friday, December 4, 2009

The First Snow

It's our first snow of the year. I think we set a record for the earliest snow. Ayden loved it at first, then he got his gloves wet and didn't think it was fun anymore. He did stay outside longer than last year though. Logan was just cold. He was plenty bundled, but he needs something to keep his nose warm.
It was coming down hard and fast when we first got outside. It looked like Houston's version of a blizzard!
This was before Ayden was his extra jacket and gloves on, it didn't take him long to ask for them.
So in the rush to get bundled, to get Ayden bundled, get the camera ready and get out the door before it all disappeared, I inadvertently locked the door on the way out. It's something I do all the time out of habit when I leave the house. This time however I did not have my keys on me. I didn't realize I had locked the door until we were cold and ready to come in. Luckily my neighbor has a key or else it would have been disastrous. All I could think was we were trapped out in a blizzard! Oh and I busted my bum when we finally came in the house. Boots + slippery and wet tile do not mix.

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