Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Two-For

Happy Birthday brother!
Last weekend we celebrated two occasions in one day. I called my family together to celebrate my older brother's 29th birthday. I thought while we were all together it would be a good time to celebrate Christmas with everyone as well. The day was full of fellowship, food and fun! No party is complete without a gingerbread decorating contest. Party idea courtesy of my wonderful sister in law.
I think Carrie's house was the winner by popular vote. It's ok Carrie, I'll let you have the title this year. But next year, it's on!

Forget what I said about the decorating contest, no party is complete without this animal right here!

Logan was very interested in Ayden playing his game. Ayden was tolerant of his little brother tugging and pulling hair.

Oh! and Bumblebee was found on the tree today. That crazy elf. Check back and see where he was placed landed tomorrow.

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