Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's that in the Boughs?

It's not a cucumber, it's a pickle! (remembering Larry as I write this makes me smile) This year we (myself mainly) are searching high and low to find new and exciting traditions to add to our family's..... well.. umm.. traditions. One of my favorite additions has been The Christmas Pickle. Here is the story if you have never heard it before.

"In Old World Germany, the last decoration placed on the Christmas Tree was always a pickle... carefully hidden deep in the boughs. Legend has it that the observant child who found it on Christmas Day was blessed with a year of good fortune... and a special gift."

So you see, it's no ordinary ornament. In fact, it's no ordinary pickle! This year it's not hidden as well as could be. The one child who could find it probably would not if it was hidden to well. This year it hangs as simply as any other ornament. It never fails that I always have the most trouble finding something that is right in front of me.

I'm currently working on another project that is new to us this year. Well.. new in a sense of new design that is. I'll be blogging about it soon. Oh and a certain someone has finally gained two new somethings... more on that later as well. Don't you just love surprises!

Last but certainly not least, I am finally done with school! Not done with school entirely. Just with this semester. I look forward to using the extra time wisely of course. No more procrastination for me.. *snicker* (yeah, that last one had me cracking up too!)

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