Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Every year since Ayden was old enough to understand we have read the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus and just how special that event was. We have also incorporated a little bit of Santa in the mix for the fun of it. The thought crossed my mind that we may be doing an injustice to Ayden. See, one day (if he hasn't already) he will figure out that Santa if not real. At least the story that we tell about Santa is not real. But Jesus is by all means real. My question is, how will he be able to sort through the truth and the fun stories. I in no way want to hinder his faith. I am probably thinking too much into this, but it is something to seriously consider. I think this year we will discuss the real St. Nicholas and how he gave to the poor. I want my children to know that when I speak, I speak the truth.

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