Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Many Things to do...

So little time... I would say that about sums up my holiday season. Don't get me wrong, we had so much fun this year! It's hard to believe it can be over so quickly though. Since stores like to break out the Christmas decorations right after Halloween, we have 3+ months of Christmas on our minds and then directly after the magic of Christmas Day, POOF, we are left with nothing but wrapping paper trash on the floor and a dying tree in our living rooms.Everyone turns around and it's time to move onto something else, more shopping anyone? I feel we are so busy trying to keep up that we miss the simplicity of the moment. On a positive note, one of my New Years resolutions is a simplify.


  1. Saw this great episode of Rachel Ray today (only watched a couple minutes) but they had this gal on from the show called and she talked about using your dying Christmas tree to make art and gifts. Also using the old, used up wrapping paper through the shredder for gift bag stuffing throughout the year. Great ideas and thought of you.