Friday, December 18, 2009

PJ Day and Book Exchange

It was pj day at school on Tuesday, and I don't mean peanut butter and jelly. Ayden had received some holiday pajamas just in time.

This was something that the kids had requested for their class party. I think something that Ayden did was the reasoning behind this idea. His school requires us to send an extra pair of "just in case" clothes. One day last week I was in a hurry (as usual) and I packed Ayden's pj's for his "just in case" clothes. I did not expect him to need these extra clothes since he does not have accidents very often. At least not the kind that require a change of clothes. I had no idea that Ayden would see these clothes, ask his teacher if he could go to the bathroom before nap time, and change into those pj's. The good thing is that he did sleep well that nap time. His teacher said "whatever works". Right after nap he changed back into his day clothes and went on about his day. We tried it again the next school day but the magic of the pj's had worn off and he didn't care to nap. Thus ended the packing of pj's as extra clothes.

Ayden asked that I make the cupcakes for his class party. I did become a bit proud when I overheard him tell his teacher that I could make good cupcakes for the party. As I quickly reminded myself not to be so proud, I accepted the challenge. It wasn't much of a challenge really, they were quick and easy. It was just the amount of time that I left myself that made it so difficult. I was working on them until approximately 2am. Needless to say I left detailed instructions for my sweet husband to take Ayden (and the cupcakes) to school the next, I mean, that morning.

All of the kids were so cute in their pajamas. Most of them looked like they had just woken up, or that their were sleepy enough to go back to sleep. One girl looked like she was about to fall asleep in her cupcake. I believe Ayden had enough sugar that he was wired for hours. I believe it because I got to bring him home with me.

This was also the day that they did their book exchange. They played a musical chairs type game and whatever chair they landed on had the book they would get to keep. Ayden first landed on a princess book. Some swaps were made and everyone had the book they desired. After cupcakes they settled down (figure of speech) and had they teacher read each of their new books.

Hey Ayden is listening to "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake". Very cute book book that benefits a good cause.

After school we had to run a few errands and Ayden asked me what people would think of him wearing his pj's. I told him that they would think he was cute just like I did. I hope he doesn't grow up thinking it's okay to wear pajamas to Walmart. Oops...

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  1. Logan had PJ day on Tuesday and after I picked him up we headed to Target in PJ's so don't feel bad :) Logan didn't even think anything of it. And your cupcakes look really yummy!